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About Us

The Company

Emerald Agriculture Technologies aims to be a leader in the design, development and execution of agricultural projects, primarily greenhouse-focused projects. We offer tailor-made turnkey solutions, answering clients' specific needs and properties, matching any type of soil and climate. Our solutions support production of farming products ranging from flowers and vegetables to fruit, livestock and fish.

The Market

The market for greenhouse products has been growing substantially over the past decade. Farmers and growers employing greenhouse solutions can provide their clients with year round supply of specific products with constant high quality, a result of controlled growing conditions and improvement of the harvest predictions. Food safety is achieved by almost 100% biological control, and the products traceability provides assurances for buyers. Farmers in developed countries can overcome unfavorable climatic conditions by using greenhouses, gaining a competitive edge and raising yields.


The company exhibits the highest technical level in designing, producing and constructing greenhouse projects. The company's designs employ advanced techniques and materials such as retractable composite shade screens. In addition to supporting a wide range of scalable solutions, our own engineering department promotes rapid and efficient deployment of greenhouses.

Broader View

Emerald Agriculture Technologies does not stop at the greenhouse construction. The company provides complete agro-technical solutions covering infrastructure, greenhouse interior furniture, equipment and accessories, external access ways, conveying solutions and accompanying facilities such as packing houses.

Additional Consulting

Our clients can enjoy much more than a complete, high grade and reliable solution. We can provide additional support, both pre-sale and after installation by advising on various issues such as equipment purchasing, fertilization and growing techniques.

Worldwide Activity

The company targets both developed regions such as the USA and developing regions such as Latin and Central America, India, Eastern Europe and Russia.

Agriculture Products Marketing Services

We can provide our clients with agriculture products marketing capabilities, especially in niche markets, providing our clients end-to-end solutions. This service enables us to give the farmer an essential input of both costs and the forecasted income given our intimate knowledge of the target markets.


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